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Homemade Cleaning Product Recipes

Using homemade cleaning products to clean your Houston, TX apartment is easier on your budget and your health. Here are 5 recipes to try! All-Purpose Cleaner Make an all-purpose cleaner by mixing 1 cup of vinegar, 1/2 cup of baking soda and 1 gallon of distilled water. Use this cleaner to polish fixtures, clean windows and wipe off…

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5 Great Cocktails You Can Make With White Wine

Try these 5 great cocktails that you can make with your favorite white wine in your apartment in Houston! Peach Sangria Sangria isn't just for red wine lovers. White wine aficionados can enjoy a light, delicate taste of pure summer by mixing up all things peachy with pinot gris. Besides the wine, you'll need peach brandy, fresh peach slices, and sparkling…

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How to Make Your Car Look Like New

Want to know how you can keep your car looking as stunning as the rest of your surroundings at your Houston apartments? Here are some tips to easily make your car look like new! Clear the headlamps The number one telltale sign of an older car is yellowed headlamps. This yellowing occurs due to exposure to UV…

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