How to Make Your Apartment More Energy Efficient

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Energy efficiency is important no matter where you live, especially for the apartments in Houston! Air conditioners often run throughout the year, which can get costly. Thankfully, these 3 easy tips can help you save on your electric bill this month. 

Treat Your Windows

Windows are one of the biggest places that apartments bleed energy. Since you can’t exactly hire a contractor to outfit you with the latest and greatest in new windows, you need another approach. There are a few impressively cheap and harmless ways to tackle this problem.

Temporary window tint is available at pretty much any hardware store. It’s a harmless film that you can stick directly to any window that lets too much heat into the apartment. When it’s time to move, you just peel back the film. The best part is that the tint doesn’t hurt the natural lighting in the apartment. It just reduces the amount of heat coming through the window.

If tint alone can’t do the job, you can upgrade your curtains. Many apartments have multiple ways for natural light to permeate the rooms. Blocking the hottest window with thicker curtains can save on your cooling bill without turning the place into a lightless cave.

Upgrade the Thermostat

You definitely want to check with your property manager before you do this. Assuming you get the OK, a smarter thermostat can save you a bundle on heating and cooling. Simply scheduling the thermostat goes a long way to keep you from managing the temperature of an empty room, but new thermostats have smartphone apps that give you perfect control. A thermostat upgrade is often the single best investment to make any home more energy efficient.

Invest in Power Strips

If you aren’t familiar with “trickle charge,” know that it’s the enemy of all electric bills. Most electronics continue to draw a little bit of power even when they’re turned off. This can raise electric bills by as much as 15 percent. The simple solution is to put all of your electronics on power strips and turn the strips off when things aren’t in use. This completely stops the trickle charge and saves on power usage.

Of course, you can also invest in smart power strips. They can detect when devices are on and automatically cut power when they aren’t in use.

If you’re still looking for the next apartment to make efficient, then you should contact the office of Haven at Eldridge. Give us a call to schedule your tour today!


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