3 Winter Hobbies to Keep You Active All Year Round

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Consider the following activities to keep your spirits up and your muscles toned during winter and any time of the year! 

Easy Outside Cardio 

The area around apartments in Houston isn't especially conducive to going skiing or sledding every week, but that shouldn't discourage you from going outside. Walking or running in the sun, especially when it's cold, gives you a boost of vitamin D that can perk up your mood. And unlike your northern neighbors, you won't have to deal with a downpour of snow every other day. Better yet, join a running club so you have a reason to keep up with your routine! 

Space-Friendly Exercises 

From lunges to situps to pushups, there are so many exercises that require zero equipment and practically no space at all. When you're looking for any excuse in the world to stay in your apartment, these exercises give you a way to stay active even indoors! 

Winter Skills 

There are plenty of winter skills you'll be glad you took the time to learn. For example, learning how to ice skate is not only an engaging activity, but it's also great for your entire body. The muscle groups you use to propel yourself around the ice give you the chance to tone both your legs and your core. Or consider learning how to bird watch. This activity still gets you outdoors and gives you something to focus on besides just getting your steps in for the day. 

No matter what type of winter hobby you choose this year, remember that the benefits of exercising will always outnumber the excuses you have not to do it. If you're looking for an apartment complex with a pool and a 24-hour fitness center, consider Haven at Eldridge. Call us today to schedule a tour! 

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