How to Keep Your Dog Calm When You’re Away

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The way your dog takes to loneliness depends on a number of different factors. Some are outside your control — your pet may be naturally needier than other dogs. But you do have some say over how your dog reacts when you have to leave. Here are some tips to keep in mind!

Keep Yourself Calm 

Patting your dog, giving them reassurance, and saying you're sorry when you leave will make the situation that much worse. The more you overreact the more your dog will, too. Your pet won't understand why you're leaving if it seems like you want to stay. They may even think that you're in danger. Don't touch your dog, don't make eye contact, and don't say anything.

If this is too difficult to do, try saying your goodbyes at least 10 minutes before you actually go. This routine will help your dog understand what to expect when you have to go. Your pet will know that it's all just a part of both of your lives and it's no reason to panic. 

Prepare Your Dog 

Taking your dog for a vigorous walk before breakfast time can help your pet stay calm throughout the day. Your dog will be worn out and won't have the energy to miss you. You can even buy doggy backpacks that will weigh your pet down and make the walk more difficult (for owners who can't take their pups to the mountains for a long hike, this is a great alternative!). Turn on the TV or play an audiobook with your iPhone to keep your pet company while you're away. 

A calm dog is less likely to tear up your apartment or annoy your neighbors in your Houston apartment. But these steps can actually forge a better connection with your pet for an even better relationship. If you're looking for an apartment complex that loves your dog as much as you do, Haven at Eldridge is here to welcome the two of you! Give us a call to learn more about our pet policy and availability. 

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