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Winter's officially here, and even though our Houston, TX, apartments aren't subjected to the bitter-cold weather that other areas of the country have to endure, it's chilly enough down here to partake in some seasonal festivities. Here are a few cocktails that'll warm you up!

Hot Buttered Rum

If the name doesn't say enough, this drink will leave you feeling ready to snuggle up under your favorite blanket. 


If hot wine sounds unappealing, we beg you to give it a try before you shoot it down. This is how the Austrians and Germans have been battling blustery days for centuries. The ingredients may sound unconventional to Americans who haven't visited Christkindlmarkts. Rest assured, these flavors are the perfect accompaniment with cold winter evenings.

Warm Apple Pie

Hot apple cider transforms any kitchen into a cozy space with its trademark aroma. To create an adults-only version, add a bit of Tuaca, vanilla-flavored vodka, or butterscotch liqueur.

White Wine Hot Toddy

While gluhwein takes red wine to a whole new level, white wine hot toddies focus on Rieslings. This bright, honey-dipped concoction is great if you're feeling a little down in the dumps from the short and nippy winter days.

Coconut Chai Toddy

If hot tea is your go-to cure for the cold season, you'll love this twist on classic chai. A little bit of dark rum and some warm coconut milk will fill your belly and help usher in a peaceful bedtime.

Ancho Reyes Original Hot Chocolate

This isn't your mother's hot chocolate. With just enough booze to make it delightfully adult, this hot chocolate puts a pleasant spin on an old classic. It may be a labor of love to bring this cocktail to completion, but the final result is something worth cherishing when it's chilly outside.

Bacon, Bourbon and Hazelnut Hot Chocolate 

It may seem like overkill to feature two different hot chocolates on the same list, but we couldn't leave this one off. With a bit of sweet and salty, this hot chocolate boasts flavor combinations you won't forget.

If you're ready to take shelter in a Houston apartment that'll be warm and inviting all winter long, swing by Haven Apartments at Eldridge and let us show you around! 

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