How to Keep Fido Safe During the Holidays

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Puppy SleepingThe holidays are a stressful time for everybody, but when you're a furry little friend on four feet, the anxiety can be amplified. Since our Houston apartments are pet friendly, we do everything we can to make sure our four-legged residents are comfy, calm, and safe during the chaos that's sure to ensue over the next few weeks. 

Here are a few tips to help your Fido fight the end-of-year ruckus and enter the new year happily wagging their tail.

Keep Holiday Toxins Out of Reach

Chocolate chip cookies and turkey are great for your guests, but they're incredibly dangerous for your pet. Make sure your food items are kept on high countertops, well out of reach of your dog's curious clutches. If you're not sure what foods your dog can have, assume they can't have anything they doesn't normally eat. This isn't the time to experiment with new treats.

Don't Make Your Pet Travel

Flying may be exciting for you, but it'll likely make your dog lose their mind. If they're a big dog, they'll need to go below the deck where baggage is stored, meaning they'll be in a dark and unfamiliar place with nobody to comfort them. Even if they're small enough to sit on your lap, the change in elevation can be incredibly painful to those sensitive ears.

Boarding your dog puts them in a place where they can play with other dogs and receive lots of pats on the head from humans. They'll have no idea holiday stresses are ensuing outside of their safe space. Alternatively, you can hire a sitter to watch your pup in their own pad, which is the ultimate way to reduce unnecessary stress.

Keep a Safe Space in Your Place

If you'll be playing host this holiday season, make sure your pet has a place to go if things get overwhelming. This should be a spot where your pup has familiar bedding and where kids aren't allowed to intrude. This safe spot is also great if your dog has a habit of jumping on guests or gets uncomfortable when there are too many people around. 

A closed door, fluffy bedding and a bit of white noise or music will soothe the holiday anxieties.

Are you in search of a pet-friendly Houston apartment? Haven at Eldridge proudly welcomes a plethora of pets. We invite you to learn more about our pet policy and our many other awesome amenities!

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