4 Ways to Enjoy Your Apartment Living Room

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PuzzleWhen you have a great apartment, your living room can be your oasis. Many of the residents of our Houston apartments love their homes so much, they find reasons not to leave. Wondering what people around here do for fun when they're enjoying their stunning spaces? Check out some of our residents' favorite in-apartment pastimes:

1. Rearrange Your Living Room

This may not be the type of fun that initially popped into your head, but the outcome of a refreshed space can be quite great. Try the couch on a different wall. Move the TV to the other side of the room. See what your space would look like if you used an end table as a small bookshelf. You'll feel like you're in a whole new place when you're finished.

2. Tackle a New Recipe

Okay, you'll have to leave your living room for this one, but you still don't have to leave the apartment. Find an interesting recipe to make from scratch. When you're done, reward yourself with a heaping plate (or bowl) in front of your favorite Netflix shows.

3. Put Together a Puzzle

Your dining table doesn't have to be designated to just dinner. You can toss out a thousand-piece puzzle and exercise your mind in a relaxing, calming way. Puzzles are a great way to unwind after a stressful day.

4. Have a Spa Day

Schedule an entire Saturday to yourself. Make sure you've got the stuff necessary for face masks, manicure materials and pedicure products. If you're feeling creative, make your spa essentials the DIY way. Don't forget to incorporate essential oils into the air so you can fully relax. Vanilla and lavender scents are especially calming. To top off your spa day, treat yourself to an incredible homemade salad that doubles as a full meal, and make sure you've got some herbal tea on hand to sip on while your treatments set in. Peppermint tea is a great treat for me-time moments.

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