The Best Apartment-Friendly Wall Hangers

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Haven at Eldridge Living RoomYou want your West Houston, TX, apartments to feel like a home—everybody does. Yet, when you go to hang your favorite decorations, you’re left wondering if it is going to subtract from your deposit later. It’s a reasonable concern, and that attitude makes you a great resident. So, to help, here are some tips on how to hang your favorite decorations without causing any damage.


Here’s the thing about adhesives. They can be the best or worst choice for hanging things on walls. Companies like 3M have been specializing in damage-free wall hangers for decades, but they aren’t universal. You have to pair the right adhesive for the right job. That means reading the packaging is important. Not all adhesives are rated for the same amount of weight, and different surfaces will only work with certain kinds. Smooth surfaces and textured surfaces don’t impact the stickies the same way. Likewise, tile and drywall are completely separate challenges. If you just remember that and get an adhesive that is rated for the specifics of what and where you are hanging decorations, you’ll be fine.

Wire and String

Wire and string hangers are much safer than adhesive, but they aren’t as universal. The easiest way to anchor these hangers is with a small nail or tack in wooden paneling or molding. If you are going this route, be extra careful about weight. If your hangers require a nail big enough to leave visible damage, you need a different method. That’s all you really need to consider.

Pop-Out Shelving

This is absolutely the safest method of displaying art or decorations. It’s simple in concept, but in practice, you have a lot of room for creativity. The idea is to just use bookshelves. If you need the storage space, you can reserve the tops of your shelving for your art, but many people enjoy displaying art throughout the shelving. You can even mix and match your storage space and artistic displays. Pinterest is full of good examples.

If you still don’t feel perfectly confident, you can always ask. We are happy to help you find ways to live in comfort. Contact us today to learn more about our apartments in Houston!

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