4 Reasons to Take a Tech Sabbath

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Right now you are on your computer, but you probably have your smartphone within arm's reach and you may even be watching the TV out of the corner of your eye. Today technology is everywhere, and no one can deny it has changed the world for better or worse.

Maybe it is time to take a break from all the electronics. Many people are now spending one day a week screen-free and are looking forward to it! But will it work for you? 

Why Should You Try a Tech Sabbath?

Realigns your relationship with technology. When you spend so much time depending on tech for your productivity and for your social and entertainment needs, it can be difficult to realize that technology is a tool. Like any other tool, it is meant to help you complete tasks to improve your life and not become the center of it. 

Lets you live in the moment. Along with the convenience of being able to run your entire life remotely through technology comes the pressure to stay up-to-date and productive 24/7. This prevents you from letting go and allowing yourself to experience the here and now fully. 

Promotes interpersonal relationships. There is nothing worse than finally finding the time to bring your entire family or friends together and having someone receive a phone call or message that needs to be dealt with immediately. No technology means fewer interruptions and building stronger bonds.

Get out and get moving.  Free yourself from the temptation of staying home to watch a show or play your favorite video game. So get out there and have a walk or take up a new sport. Connecting with nature can have profound mental and physical effects on your body. 

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