3 Tips to Decorate a Guest Bedroom

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Decorating a guest bedroom differs from other parts of your home. You want the room to welcome your guests and encourage them to feel comfortable while they stay in your house. When you rent apartments in Houston, TX, a key part of welcoming your guests is making sure the guest bedroom appeals to a wide array of individuals.

Leave Open Space

A key part of decorating a guest bedroom is leaving enough space for your guests to move without tripping over furniture or other objects. Place the bed against one wall. In most cases, you will want to leave the bed centered in the room. Leave the space in front of the bed empty for easy access to the space. You also want to make sure you leave open spaces on both sides of the bed. You can provide a nightstand with a lamp or a small set of drawers against the wall by the bed, but do not overwhelm the space with furniture and keep the floors clear of clutter.

Use Bright and Neutral Colors

Avoid any jarring or startling colors in the guest room. Opt for neutral shades and bright or airy colors. For example, you can use a combination of a light sea green and white, or an attractive blue color that helps your guests relax. Keep your walls neutral to avoid a mismatch. You want to focus on colors in your bedding that enhance the space rather than using your walls for the vibrant colors.

Provide Useful Items

Leave a basket with useful items like a set of towels, wash clothes, fresh soap and an extra blanket on the bed or in the room. You can also provide a tea set with cups and tea bags or a small single-cup coffee pot with coffee pods in the room. It allows your guests to feel at home and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee when they want a drink without leaving the room and asking for help in your kitchen. 

A guest room is a space for your guests to feel relaxed and comfortable. You want to decorate with the goal of giving your guests a restful night of sleep. For more information about decorating Houston apartments or to see an available rental with extra bedrooms, contact us today.

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