Tips for Throwing an Elegant Spring Brunch

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Brunch is overtaking dinner as the perfect meal for a fun get-together. It feels lighter and less formal, which adds an air of levity that dinners do not have. Combined with springtime, which is traditionally thought of as a more carefree and lighter season, it’s the perfect backdrop for a great afternoon party.

Here are some tips for hosting a brunch that comes off flawlessly and lets your guests have the most enjoyable experience:

Remember the Basics

In order for your guests to be able to pay attention to your more delicate touches, you have to ensure that they aren’t distracted by missing fundamentals. Make sure you have an easily-accessible place to put their coats and other such belongings. Ensure that cold drinks and other ongoing accessories are within easy reach as well. Finally, remove anything that can be easily broken by people who are distracted by the milling around of all of the guests.

Expand Beyond the Breakfast Food

It’s brunch, not breakfast. Pretty much any food that’s good for lunch will do. Try something new and unique for your drink offering, as well. Overall, avoid cliched foods and drinks. You want your menu to be memorable.

Skip the Candles

They’re not necessary for daytime events. Instead, take advantage of the natural lighting in your apartment home.

Invite the Right Number of Guests to Your Space

A good party room feels full without being so crowded that people can’t avoid bumping into each other. If you think you won’t have enough guests to do the job, add large bouquets of flowers and other fillers to get the right feel. Conversely, if you want so many guests that they won’t all fit in your intended room, consider having the main part of your party in our spacious clubhouse (it includes a kitchen) or in our outdoor kitchen area.

Use a Bold Tablecloth

This will make up for issues like bland, white dinnerware and basic flatware. Floral patterns are especially good for springtime events.

Keep Some Formality

If you’re going to assign seating, use fancy place cards so everyone knows where to go.

One of the best ways to make your spring brunch event a success is to host it in a great new home. Stop by our office to see our available apartments in Houston.

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