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HouseplantsAh, April at Haven at Eldridge! Spring, Earth Day events, flowers in bloom. We love this time of year at our lushly landscaped Houston apartments. Our community loves green projects, especially in springtime. Here are some ideas for a fresher, greener apartment this season.

Clean Your Air Naturally With Houseplants

Who knew? The modest garden mum turns out to be a champion in purifying our indoor air. According to NASA research, this plant is strong enough to remove formaldehyde and ammonia, as well as xylene and benzene, from enclosed air, so it can certainly freshen the atmosphere of your apartment. Find mums at grocery stores and garden shops.

And if you see a spider plant for sale, consider taking it home. A spider plant can thrive on benign neglect in a bright corner. It’s tough enough to clear the air of serious pollutants, and it loves to grow.

Mix Your Own Natural Cleaners

For a freshly scented balm for your antique wooden tables and other natural wood furnishings, mix your own polish. Use fresh lemon juice (vinegar also works) with some olive oil. The proper mix is when it looks like salad dressing. Rub it into the wood grain with a cloth, then buff to a clean shine with a second cloth.

For drain cleaning and maintenance, shake a few tablespoons of baking soda into your drain. Then pour about a quarter cup of vinegar down into it. Leave it to bubble for about a half hour; then pour a pot of very hot (near-boiling) water down the drain. This will help keep your drain free and clear of muck for weeks! It works in the bathroom as well as the kitchen.

Bonus: Your pets won’t get sick from natural cleaning supplies you prepare at home.

Learn About Nature Around Us

Plan a visit to the Houston Arboretum and Nature Center at 4501 Woodway Drive. Learn about the birds we see through our apartment windows!

We all spend most of our time indoors, and there is no better spot to do this than at our Houston apartments. Yet it’s good to know we can enjoy nature, inside and out. Find your new home at Haven at Eldridge. Call (866) 323-5594 to learn more about our community!

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