Safety Tips for Black Friday Shopping

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Shopping BagsBlack Friday is like the Super Bowl for shoppers. On this special, yet crazy and chaotic shopping day, you can score amazing deals on everything from electronics and gaming systems to clothing, toys and household goods. If you, like many residents of our apartments in Houston, are planning on heading out this Black Friday to do some shopping, we want you to be safe.

The following safety tips will help keep you safe while braving the Black Friday crowds.

Immediately Report Lost or Stolen Credit Cards

Whether you just misplaced your credit card or some random thief swiped it from your purse, it is important to immediately call the bank or company that issued the credit card. The minute you call them, they can put a freeze on your account which will prevent anyone from using your card to make unwanted purchases.

Avoid Storing Shopping Bags in the Car

No one wants to carry around multiple bags while shopping on Black Friday. In an effort to keep your hands free, you may head to your car and put the bags in the back seat but this isn’t a good idea.

Bags stored in the back seat are easily visible to car prowlers looking for things to steal. They will break out the window or damage the lock on the door just to get to the packages. Make it harder for thieves by storing your new purchases in the trunk instead of the back seat.

Other Safety Tips for Black Friday Shopping
•Create a plan for shopping that includes what stores to go to, when to go to them, and what items you wish to purchase
•Avoid carrying oversized purses or tote bags that can bump into others or make navigating the stores difficult
•Make a meetup spot if you are shopping with multiple people
•Watch your surroundings both inside the store and in the parking lot
•Stay calm and avoid confrontations

Conveniently located near many retail stores and malls, Black Friday shopping is easy when you live at Haven at Eldridge. Call us today to schedule an appointment to tour our amazing apartments in Houston, Texas.

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