Need A New Year’s Resolution? Start Journaling!

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Health and Wellness

TypewriterDo you have a list of New Year’s Resolutions this year? Or perhaps you only have a few, but you’re very dedicated to them. Well, we’d like to suggest adding one more resolution – journaling.

Journaling is simply the act of writing in a notebook to track your thoughts and progress. It’s a time-honored way to explore your thoughts outside of your head, as well as tracking the events of your days. People have to been keeping journals for as long as humans have been scrawling on cave walls. Get in touch with your roots by buying a notebook and starting a journal today.

Journaling Supports Every Resolution

Journaling for journaling sake is fantastic, but journaling can also be a tool to help you with your other resolutions. Let’s say your resolution is to lose weight. Keeping a weight loss journal helps hold you accountable for your progress. You can write down what you ate, what exercises you did and the emotions you may be having.

It doesn’t just work for weight loss – almost any resolution can be improved by keeping a journal about it. Looking to save money? Write down every cent you spend and every cent you earn. You’ll have a clear idea about where your money is going. Trying to get a new job? Keep a job hunting journal that details where you’ve applied, interviews you’ve had and everything else involved with the job hunt.

Are you resolving to be more creative? Journaling is exactly what you need. The act of writing can help involve the create centers of your brain and get you in the right headspace.

Writing Can Heal Emotional Wounds

Everyone could use some emotional healing. Maybe you wouldn’t describe yours as wounds, but you’ve likely had a heartbreak or something like it at some point in our life. Writing about it is one of the most therapeutic things you can do. If you are striving to be healthier this year, that includes your mental health. Enhance your mental health by making a habit of writing every day, and don’t hold back!

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