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Haven at Eldridge Fitness Center

Tone Your Arms in Our Fitness Center With These Exercises

Haven at Eldridge Fitness CenterIf you struggle to carry that last bag of groceries into your apartment, then it’s probably time to get your arms back in shape. Haven at Eldridge has a fitness center that’s open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we want everyone to take advantage it. Use our dumbbells to get a little energy out and to put a little tone back into your arms.

Triceps Chop

To work out the back of your upper arm, grab two dumbbells with both hands and then spread your feet past your shoulders. Let your knees bend slightly, and put your arms up and over your head (your hands should be just slightly in front of your forehead). Keep your core engaged as you bend the weights directly behind your head and down to your shoulders. Your elbows should be close to your head and not on either side. Finally, bring your hands up and then down to your hips in a fast motion, and then start again.

Barbell Curl

The barbell curl is an easy way to build up your biceps, and it’s easy to do. Stand with your legs about shoulder width apart and then curl the barbell straight to your chest. Use the momentum from the motion to let yourself lean back as you curl up. Let your abs share some of the stress to build a tighter core. Finally, don’t rush the lift. The more focused you are on the pattern, the more likely you are to get the physique you want.

Diamond-Leg Pushups

For a complete upper-body workout, try diamond-leg pushups. Spread your knees out in a diamond shape, and then do a set of push-ups for a little extra challenge. The more emphasis you take off your legs, the more you put on your chest, arms, shoulders, and delts. Push-ups are one of the best ways to engage multiple muscle groups for a more efficient workout!

Everyone at our apartments in Houston should get a little exercise every day, which is why the Haven at Eldridge makes it easier to do. With Helix Training Cardio machines and free weights, we give you the tools you need to get the body you want. Call us today to see our fitness center and spacious floor plans.

Clothes in a Closet

Questions to Ask Yourself When Cleaning Your Closet

Clothes in a ClosetIt’s not unusual for items you seldom wear to wind up stuffed in the back of your closet. As you continue adding new items, your closet starts overflowing. Convincing yourself to get rid of items isn’t always easy. When you decide it’s time to clear out the closet in your Houston apartments, make the job easier by asking yourself a few vital questions.

Does It Fit?

As you’re cleaning out your clothes closet, the first question should be whether each item still fits. If something is too large/small, take it out of the closet. Arrange a clothing swap with your fellow residents and donate any unclaimed items to a local charity.

When Was the Last Time You Wore an Item?

If you pull out an article of clothing you know you haven’t worn in at least a year and don’t plan on wearing it anytime soon, it’s time to let it go. If it’s still in good condition, add it to your clothing swap/donation pile.

Is It Damaged?

Sometimes you have good intentions, like sewing a button back on or stitching up a rip in a blouse. If you know you’re not going to make an effort to repair it or have it repaired, you’re probably not going to miss it. If the damage is severe, don’t include it in your swap/donation pile.

Would You Buy This Again?

Pretend you’re shopping from your closet. As you pull each item out, ask yourself whether you’d buy this item if you were in an actual store. If the answer is no, you know what to do with it.

Does It Make You Look and Feel Good?

If needed, try on items you’re unsure about. Do you look and feel good in it or does it make you feel uncomfortable in any way? If you can’t wear it with confidence, add it to the pile.

If you’re cleaning out your closet in preparation for a move, consider our apartments in Houston. Each of our one-, two- and three-bedroom apartment homes feature luxury upgrades, including designer lighting, granite countertops, soaring nine-foot ceilings and walk-in closets in select floor plans. Call us at (866) 323-5594 to tour our available floor plans.

Kitchen Sink

5 Tips for Cleaning Your Sink

Kitchen SinkOne of the best things you can do to keep your kitchen spick and span is to keep a clean sink. While many people assume that cleaning their sink once a week is enough, doing it more frequently and more thoroughly can stop the spread of bacteria in your home. At this time of year when germs are a common problem and when people do a lot of cooking for the holidays, it’s more important than ever to keep your sink clean.

Cleaning Your Sink

Keeping a cleaner sink can be done in five simple steps. These five tips are easy to do on a regular basis and are practical even for busy professionals.

  1. Keep wipes by the sink. Keeping anti-bacterial wipes by the sink makes it easy to clean your sink in the middle of the week, at the end of the day or any time when you think you need it.
  2. Use a drain strainer. A drain strainer can stop food from going down the drain, which keeps the water draining out of the sink quickly.
  3. Clean the sink quickly after every use. Use the dish rag to clean the sink every time the sink gets used. Wipe away foods and dump out food bits from the drain strainer. Use your sink sprayer to spray away any leftover suds.
  4. Scrape food scraps from your dishes before putting them in the sink. Use a rubber food scraper to remove pieces of food from your dishes before placing dishes in the sink for washing. Doing this helps keep the sink clean.
  5. Spritz your sink with a cleaner at the end of every evening. Use a spray bottle to spray your sink with an anti-bacterial cleaner or with a natural cleaner like vinegar. Doing this helps keep the sink clean and germ-free.

Enjoy Your Clean Kitchen

A clean kitchen can make your whole apartment a nicer place to spend time in. At Haven at Eldridge in Houston, TX, we offer floor plans with stainless steel appliances and water filtration in the kitchen. To find out more about our Houston apartments, or to take a look at a floor plan, contact us today at (866) 323-5594.

Scarecrow Costume

Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Scarecrow CostumeLast-minute Halloween costumes don’t have to be anything less than amazing when you put your mind to it! With Halloween right around the corner, many of the best costumes have already flown off the shelves. So what are the procrastinators of the world supposed to do to get ready to celebrate on short notice? With a few simple steps and a bit of imagination, you can still pull off a great costume in time for Halloween this year.

4 Totally Awesome Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

1. Sleepover Kid

All you need to complete this look is a pair of footie pajamas, a stuffed animal and maybe a pair of fuzzy slippers too! For the ladies, wear minimal makeup and put your hair in pigtails to really get that sleepover style down pat.

2. Scarecrow

For this costume idea, you’ll need to grab a pair of worn-in jeans, a flannel, an old floppy hat and a pair of boots. Paint your face with some inexpensive Halloween face paint, fluff your hair out to maximum frizz levels and head out with a handful of fake sunflowers or a little crow on your shoulder.

3. Risky Business

Throw it back to one of Tom Cruise’s classic film roles with the simple and effective Risky Business costume. For this look, you’ll need an oversized white button-down shirt, a pair of Ray Ban-like sunglasses and your comfiest pair of black sports socks. Then, get ready to glide across the floor as you hop from celebration to celebration.

4. Static Cling

Keep your friends guessing this Halloween with this simple and fun costume idea. Simply grab one of your comfiest t-shirts and a pair of jeans, then attach a few socks, wash rags or other small items to your shirt with a needle and thread. Place them strategically so they look like you just pulled your shirt out of the clothes dryer and you’re done!

Have a Safe and Happy Halloween

With these fun last-minute costume ideas, there’s no reason not to get out and enjoy Halloween this year. For more great lifestyle ideas or to take a look at the available floor plans at our apartments in Houston, visit our office at Haven at Eldridge today.


8 Human Foods You Can Feed Your Dog

CarrotsPackaged dog food is a convenient way to feed your pup, but it’s not necessarily the healthiest. Fortunately, you can add some humans foods to your dog’s diet to boost nutrition and offer something different to eat from time to time. The following are human foods that are safe for dogs to eat. Just keep in mind that certain foods are dangerous for dogs, such as chocolate, garlic, onions, grapes and raisins.

Sweet Potatoes

These potatoes make a tasty treat for dogs, but feed them to your dog in limited amounts. Sweet potatoes have a lot of sugar, which can cause your dog to put on weight.

Brown Rice

Brown rice is filled with fiber and complex carbohydrates, so it’s healthier than white rice and other grains. You can mix it with your dog’s regular food to add nutrients to it.


Chicken is a great food for dogs to enjoy, but make sure that it’s thoroughly cooked or it can make your dog ill. Eating chicken adds protein to your dog’s diet for healthy bones and muscles.


Many dogs enjoy the taste and crunchiness of raw carrots. These vegetables provide plenty of important vitamins and other nutrients while also serving as a healthy chew stick.


Bananas make a sweet snack for dogs to have, and they provide potassium and other nutrients. You can cut banana slices for your pup or mash bananas into regular dog food.

Pumpkin Puree

Pumpkin puree is another food that can satisfy your dog’s sweet tooth. You can add pumpkin puree to dog food, or spread it into a puzzle toy, such as a Kong.

Green Beans

These vegetables are a nutritious addition to your dog’s normal food. You can also serve them to your dog separately or with turkey or chicken mixed in for even more flavor.


Cheese is good as an occasional treat. Choose low-fat cheese for your dog to snack on, since this food usually contains a high amount of fat. You can give your dog different kinds of cheese to try, including mozzarella and cheddar.

Our pet-friendly community is just minutes from Terry Hershey Park. Please contact for more information about our available apartments in Houston.

Home Decor for Fall

How to Transition Your Home Decor for Fall

Home Decor for FallSummer is nearing its end in just a few days, and while we enjoyed the bliss-filled season, we can’t contain our excitement for fall. Pumpkin-flavored drinks, trick-or-treating and the approach of the holidays are just a few reasons to love the upcoming months, but our favorite boils down to the decor.

5 Ways to Adjust Your Home Decor for Fall

Say goodbye to your current decor’s eye-popping colors and coastal theme. Here are the best tips for pulling off beautiful home decor for fall:

#1 Choose Warm Tones

Warm colors, such as red, orange, yellow and brown, give off a cozy feel that’s perfect for fall. You can add these pops of color into multiple decor elements, from your blankets down to your area rug. These hues would complement a neutral decor theme well.

#2 Utilize Heavy Textures

Now that you’ve got the colors down, it’s time to emanate that cozy fall feel through your fabric choices. Autumn is the perfect opportunity to bring out the chunky knit throws and heavy faux furs. Not only do these textures look good, but they feel good, too.

#3 Focus on Patterns

The fall season is dense with plaid. You can throw a soft plaid blanket on your couch to complete the fall look. Bold decorator? Animal print, vintage florals and globally-inspired textiles are also appropriate.

#4 Incorporate Seasonal Elements

An autumn decor theme isn’t complete without seasonal accessories, such as wreaths, pumpkins and faux foliage. Make your decor even more personal by creating these decor elements yourself!

#5 Set the Tone With Scent

Finish off your home decor for fall with seasonal fragrances. The concept of home decor not only lies in the looks, but also the overall feel. Go for candles that remind you of the fall holidays. The coffee table is the perfect spot for vanilla, pine, pumpkin and cinnamon candles.

Our apartments in Houston lay the perfect foundation for an autumn decor aesthetic. Our one-, two- and three-bedroom floor plans provide plenty of space for fall decor and even a fall-themed dinner party. Contact us today to get more information about our available Houston apartments.


4 Ideas for an End of Summer Party

AppetizersIt happens every year, and it’s time again – summer is ending, which means you need to take advantage of the last of the season. An end of summer party is a great way to bring together your friends and have some fun. Here are some great ideas for your final party of the summer!

4 Ideas for Your Final Summer Party

1. Set Up a Bar Cart or Cocktail Station

Having guests navigate a crowded kitchen is one way to serve up drinks, but it is not ideal. Instead, try setting up a bar cart or cocktail station in an easy-to-access area where everyone can grab a drink when they want one.

2. Choose a Summer Theme

The end of summer brings with it a wide variety of fresh produce, is perfect for barbecues, and swimming pools. Choose a theme based on what you have available and what excites you. Whether you are throwing a cocktail party using seasonal melons, or a Mad Men themed pool party, you can come up with something fun to center the party around.

3. Focus on Apps and Individual Servings

Appetizers are ideal if you want to keep a party festive and moving. People are less likely to get weighed down by a big heavy meal, and apps are easier to enjoy a beer or a cocktail with. Individual servings of desserts or other foods can also be fun – like mini cheesecake mason jars, for instance.

4. Potlucks are Always Fun

Summer should be easy and enjoyable. If you don’t feel like diligently planning and executing a meal, you can always have everyone else participate. A potluck is a great way to sample a lot of fun food and keep the work spread out so you can have just as much fun as everyone else. You can still have a theme, like a certain cuisine, or a specific type of seasonal ingredient.

Throw Your End of Summer Party Here

Remember, at Haven at Eldridge we have a variety of amenities to make your party easier and more fun. You can take a dip in our pools, play in the game room or take advantage of our BBQ grilling area. Just let us know what you need and we will be glad to help. Please contact us with questions, or to learn more about our Houston apartments!

Haven at Eldridge Kitchen

Kitchen Organization Tips Anyone Can Use

Haven at Eldridge KitchenThe kitchen is the heart of the home, and people gather there to prepare and enjoy food. It’s also a key place for conversation and working on various projects. Because it’s such a hub of activity, it’s important to make it efficient. Here are some handy kitchen organization tips that will help to keep that area humming along.

Keep Counters Clear

Somehow, miscellaneous stuff loves to accumulate on counters. Don’t let that happen. Keep things put away. This looks better and keeps your counters available for preparing food. Set aside a few minutes to put things away each day. Once counters are cleared of excess stuff, thoroughly wipe them off with a damp cloth and mild cleaner. The good news is that our Houston apartments are easy to keep tidy so you won’t have to spend all your free time cleaning and organizing.


If you have anything in your kitchen that you don’t need or aren’t using, don’t keep it. Depending on what it is, toss it in the trash or recycling, or give it away. Items to consider decluttering are small appliances, expired food in the pantry, freezer or refrigerator, and extra items (such as a second set of dishes or mixing bowls).

Use Containers and Hooks

The sky’s the limit when it comes to types of containers and hooks you can use and how you can use them to keep your kitchen organized. Wicker baskets on the kitchen counter, hooks on the insides of cabinets and portable shelving that serves as a pantry are just a few possibilities.

Put Like With Like

Keep all “like” items together. For example, keep all the leftover containers together in one drawer or cabinet. Keep all the pots, pans and their lids together in another location. Same goes for the pantry, refrigerator and freezer. Keep all spices in one location, all produce in the fridge drawer and all frozen vegetables together. Keeping like items together makes you much more efficient with food preparation.

Keeping your kitchen organized is actually an ongoing process, so do various tasks daily or as often as needed to keep your kitchen from becoming disorganized. Our apartments in Houston provide wonderful layouts that make it easy to stay organized. Feel free to call our office today to see which floor plans are still available.


The Best Burger Spots in Houston to Visit

BurgerFew things in life beat a good burger, and regardless of what your diet says, sometimes you just need to splurge on one. The only problem is that practically everyone thinks they can make a good burger, when this is unfortunately not the case. Those in Houston apartments deserve the best, so keep the following short list tacked up somewhere you’ll see it when you’ve got to get out of the house for a delicious treat in the form of a meaty burger.

Christian’s Tailgate Bar & Grill

Tailgating is a time-honored tradition where you may or may not end up with a good meal. This restaurant takes the guesswork out of tailgating by offering nothing but excellence. Whether you love a classic burger with traditional fixings or you need a few extras like fried eggs, bacon, and jalapeños, this unpretentious space has got you covered.

Hopdoddy Burger Bar

This chain hails from Austin but recently made a home in Houston too. Try a burger made from Ahi tuna, or dress up a traditional burger by adding chili con carne and Fritos to the top. Asian and American influences combine in this environmentally responsible establishment for big flavors and lots of fun.

Kenny & Ziggy’s Deli

This spot may be filled with a lot of delicacies, but that doesn’t mean they can’t cater to big Texas appetites too. Order the In Queso Emergency! burger and find a challah bun decked with mayo, pepper jack, fried onion strings, and bacon. Oh, and there’s also avocados on the challah as well.


The name of the restaurant may not accurately describe the dishes. In fact, the burger selection includes options with unique toppings such as Roquefort cheese. Still, this spot manages to use all those fancy ingredients right. For the vegetarians in the crowd, there’s an option made from fried black beans that may just have you fooled.

Haven at Eldridge doesn’t make you choose between style, space and location. We have everything you need to give you the lifestyle in Houston that you’ve always wanted. If you want access to more local favorites, call us today to find out more about our available floor plans and amenities.

Board Game

5 Ways to Celebrate Family Fun Month

Board GameAugust is Family Fun Month, and it’s the perfect time of year to celebrate with your loved ones at our Houston apartments. Our friendly community is the ideal place for groups to get together to enjoy time with others. Take advantage of our amenities and celebrate your family togetherness by spending warm summer days doing fun activities together.

Pool Party

Fill a cooler and set out for our swimming pools. When you pack towels and toys for an afternoon in the water, it’s just as much fun as a day at the beach. Play some fun pool games like diving for pool rings or Marco Polo, and take a break to relax with refreshing drinks and healthy snacks.

Pajama Party

Get all the kids together and have them wear their most festive pajamas. Make fun snacks like veggies and dip or fun fruit snacks and stream an entertaining family movie. This idea’s perfect for those days that you just want to stay indoors and lounge around.

Star Gazing

Spend the afternoon looking online for important stars you can easily see in the summer sky, like the North Star and the Summer Triangle. Grab a telescope or even a pair of binoculars after dark, and gather on the grass to spot your stars.

Make Sunday Brunch

If you don’t make a habit of eating a lot of meals together, Sunday brunch is a great place to start. Fix everyone’s favorite breakfast and lunch foods and lay them out in a buffet-style. Everyone has to bring a discussion topic or a new joke to add to the fun.

Board Game Competition

Pull out all of your board games and hold a round-robin tournament with the whole family. Award points for every game that is won, have everyone circle around to every game, and give small, fun prizes for the winners.

It’s easy to have fun family time when you’re living in a great, spacious apartment. Our community offers one-, two- and three-bedroom floor plans. If you’re looking to find a new community to call your own, call our office to schedule a tour so you can find the perfect apartment home for you.

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